Best Web Hosting in 2022

Whether you’re a business owner or planning to build a new website, a good web host is an absolute must-have – without a host, your site won’t exist.

However, finding a good web hosting service for your website can take a lot of time and money. There are many different types of web hosting, that can cost anywhere between $0.50/mo to $999/mo.

So how do you know which one is the right hosting solution for your business?

There are many factors to consider when choosing a web hosting provider, but the most important is performance – speed and uptime.

In addition to performance, it’s also important to look for reliable customer support (preferably with 24/7 live chat), features like domain name, backups, site migration, and of course affordable pricing.

We reviewed and tested the best hosting services out there to help you quickly and comfortably choose the provider perfect for you.

How We Rank Web Hosts

Our assessment criteria are based on real data, not only that is advertised by a web hosting provider. We evaluate every hosting company for over a year to gather real-world insights to help you make a decision.

Here’s an overview of our reviewing process:

Current # of providers that we monitor40
When did we start monitoring web hostsJuly 2015
Do we accept free plans from the providersNo!
What do we monitorUptime & Speed
How often do we update the reviewsEvery month
An in-depth article about our review processClick Here

The 10 Best Web Hosting Service Providers of 2022

Below is a list of the 10 best website hosting providers that have good page load time, high uptime, and professional customer support.

 1. Bluehost $2.75/mo30 days420 ms 99.98%★★★★★
2. A2 Hosting $2.99/mo Anytime286 ms >99.99%★★★★★
3. Hostinger $1.99/mo30 days307 ms99.97%★★★★★
4. DreamHost $2.59/mo97 days1730 ms99.77% ★★★★
5. SiteGround $3.99/mo30 days356 ms 99.99%★★★★★
6. GoDaddy $2.99/mo30 days280 ms 99.98%★★★★
7. GreenGeeks $2.95/mo30 days478 ms 99.93%★★★★
8. InMotion Hosting $2.29/mo90 days311 ms 99.97%★★★★
9. IONOS (1&1) Hosting $0.50/mo97 days713 ms 99.97%★★★★
10. HostPapa $2.95/mo30 days572 ms 99.95%★★★★


All of the listed hosting services are affordable and best suited for small and medium-sized websites as well as for new websites. If you have a website that already gets more than 50,000 visitors/month, you may want to consider dedicated or VPS hosting services.

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